July 1st, in Siena was a special day. I was invited to collaborate and present at a seminar focusing on safety, business and innovation, targeting businesses and local government organisations.

The seminar was held at Palazzo Patrizi, just behind Piazza del Campo, home of Siena’s town hall. Two words seemed appropriate for the situation: Renaissance and Strategy. In addition, the speakers felt quite ambitious, with our desire to explore the junction between mandatory and regulatory activities and innovative business.

I was happy to see my expectations met. It was great to contribute to the fusion of different ideas to create a strategically solid, sustainable, and safe business model and operational canvass, market-oriented as from this focus any company receives energy and propulsion and on which it is measured. 

The introductory speech focused on the concept of ‘safety’ and we all realised that the past few months have not only been tragic and ‘useless’, instead they have sharpened the will and ability necessary to find non-traditional alternatives and solutions, a path out of a ‘dark’ period and to put people back in the center, of both the ‘company’ and the ‘market’.

For my presentation (or lecture, it was an officially credited seminar) I had designed a path through interconnected issues, ideas, and insights. Resilient organisations do see opportunities in any occurrence and are conscious that all corporate activities – from those more market-oriented to the apparently back-office ones – have a significant impact on the ability to operate effectively, serve clients efficiently and augment the loyalty levels. 

With examples of the transformative impact of the pandemic over the travel and tourism sector, discussion touched areas like social influence, complexity, and control of customer and user experience, branding when facing disruptive events, and the reflection of external, market-driven actions over to internal optimisation strategy. 

We found the meeting point – between ‘Renaissance and Strategy’. Those who were present appreciated the work, and after the summer the series of meetings will restart. It was a beautiful and inspiring day in Siena. Stay tuned!

Deconstruct in Siena

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