Just a couple of days and 2020 is over. With a sigh of relief for most of us, I believe. No need to remind anyone how we have spent the past months, let’s try to take another road, walk a different path. 

We have accumulated – taking Italy as an example – 335 days of unique and unusual energy, throughout complex and harsh times, and we gave different meanings and importance to everything that makes ‘life’ as we know it. Relationships, friends, family, future, security, trust, everything that involved us, and people around us. The future has been forcefully scrutinised, analysed, changed, reorganised, or – for some – frozen in the hope of better times to come. 

This is the big question. Are we going to freeze, to put everything to a halt waiting for someone to ‘solve the issue’, or do we proceed chasing the next big thing, ready to discover what will make our lives better? 

We are on the verge of a new era that is called the ‘Augmented Era’. We, as humans, will be able to use technology deeply embedded into our lives to be ‘augmented’, empowered by this injection of novelty.

Are we really at the cusp of such transformation or were we? At Deconstruct we believe we are. 

During our project planning sessions, when brainstorming, we discussed that we do not like the idea of a ‘new normal’, as there is not such a thing as ‘normal’. Every day is different, months after months things change without asking for permission to change. Humans like the idea of ‘things’ to be motionless, static, as this gives the illusion of control, but how could the world be immobile with almost eight billion minds, sets of needs, lives, complexities, dreams, aspirations, futures? It simply cannot. 

The past months have changed the ways, altered the speed, shifted the focus of an inevitable transformation, but have not stopped the momentum. Plans need to be adjusted – simply by living – to seamlessly modify reality.  

That is why at Deconstruct we are all mindful about what we have done and accomplished during 2020 – the very same launch of the network this spring, the creation of new analytical frameworks to understand and explain markets and people dynamics, the inclusion of bright new professionals in the global team, and the delivery of innovative projects to clients – we are planning to constantly adjust.

In 2021 Deconstruct will be unique and very creative. Professionals and teams will join the network to augment our capabilities to deliver high-quality research, to create new digital ecosystems and respond to customers’ changing needs, to design new ways to approach the markets. 

We will be launching two new services in the digital business and marketing areas, and we will have a focus on customer behaviour and loyalty, brand’s role and brand strategies, people skills, and learning paradigms, community-driven economic models, and trends. 

Expect this, or more, as we want you to be with us ahead of the curve, ready for reaping on changes. 


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