I was walking around Milan, this spring, and it all looked so spookily different. Obviously, the pandemic the entire world is facing today is now more clear in its impact and boundaries, but at the time the feeling was: it is not going to be ‘business as usual’, and not for a while, forever.

We – I and some friends – had endless discussions (obviously online!) about the future, what would it look like, what was in store for us, as human beings, as civilisation, and as a global business system. The interesting fact was that, naturally, different approaches and points of view mixed together nicely, pragmatism and creativity, economics and philosophy, old ways and innovation… everything found its place, as in a carefully rehearsed play. But it was not rehearsed at all, it was normal, it was needed, it was a new way. 

It was also fairly obvious there was something in the market that could transform into an opportunity: people and companies do not need more data (there is plenty, too much in reality) but more understanding, more insights, more ‘new ways’. One day we decided: “we need to dismantle this huge amount of information and recompose everything in a way that it is more understandable, usable, a little bit more human”. That day the idea of Deconstruct was born.

Deconstruct has the aim to offer companies – but more so the people running companies – the opportunity to find a plethora of different capabilities fused together. to tackle any challenge by looking at it from different angles. To analyse any challenge, idea, assumption, certainty, and dissect the big picture, and recompose it in a more intelligible way to manage the complexity we are all living in right now. 

This is what we have decided to focus on: help our customers understand market complexity and adapt their strategies to whatever their challenges are. 

We are now a group of professionals based in different parts of the world, with different cultural and professional backgrounds, driven by our passion and ideas, and yet we all meet at the same crossroad.

Together with our customers we explore ways and opportunities, we redesign potential scenarios and business ventures, and we have understood we have to use one, very powerful filter: people. 

People are everything: people are market, people are companies, people are desires and needs, people are past and future, people are reactions and actions, people are certainty and uncertainty. 

We wanted to start with people as the essential variable of everything we have around. And this is what we did, and what we will do: help customers understand market complexity and design smart responses to whatever challenges they face.

Because we indeed are, as people, at the center of it all. This is true also for Deconstruct.

Welcome to our world!

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