A leading player in industrial automation

The focus was on evaluating the effectiveness of the current internal knowledge base and infrastructure to support changes in talent management strategy, to increase relevancy for clients and to aggressively reposition knowledge as a competitive asset.

We created an ad-hoc research and intelligence programme to capture the competitive status in similar organisations and understand the main customer requirements. We engaged with industry experts to define the most advanced strategies in the talent management arena. Based on the analysis we designed ad-hoc market and positioning matrix to optimise information coming from three different areas – competitive, client management, talent management – and created a proven, executable set of insights.

Executive management was then in the position to follow a comprehensive action plan, with fact-based prioritisation and clear expected returns in all three key areas: a stronger talent pool, a solid positioning within key clients and prospects, a reinforced global competitive stance.

A travel and

leasure company

The need was to better understand the European customer preferences and purchase behaviour for holidays packages, in particular cruises.

We created a custom research program to capture the overall customer sentiment, the current customers’ online behaviour across the purchase cycle – from info search to purchase, and define the feedback loops across the entire sales funnel. We backed up this information set with insights on preferred locations by customer segments, budget allocations and relationship with different touchpoints, and an ad-hoc market sizing.

The client was able to better define the drivers behind the customers choices: where and why it would have been possible to influence the purchase and which channel would have been the most effective to secure customer satisfaction and loyalty across the purchase process and with the brand.

A global

payment leader

The challenge was to better understand the uptake of digital technology in the B2B and B2C payment arena, the transformational impact and how traditional players and innovative Fintech solutions positioned in the Italian marketplace.

We delivered – via an ad-hoc set of information and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – a detailed market scenario, with a granular segmentation in terms of type of service uptake and positioning, relative strength of each player and their competitive aggressiveness by which KPI.

The client’s project team was then in the position to determine the correct course of actions and allocate the right resources to maximise the impact of digital payment solutions and reinforce both customer experience levels and its overall branding.

An audio solutions company

In collaboration with Man-Super, an Italian agency specialised in envisioning and design of digital strategy and online experiences, focused on understanding how to improve the digital presence of the client andconvey its core values – technology innovation supported by artisanship and attention to purity of sound as a holistic experience – to current and prospective audiences.

We run a field research programme aimed at ‘listening’ to customer voices when experiencing audio solutions in shops and showrooms,tracked online behaviours to check which part of the competitors’ experiences was more ‘catchy’ and revised – with the client’s team – the entire palette, structure and UX of the website.

The result was an experiential digital space, in which technology and design, quality and craft merged together to impact the customer senses in an unprecedented way, and we created a path that was ‘trackable’ and thus allowing the company to measure the effectiveness of the customer journey within the brand.

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