Market Intelligence Beacon

The level of disruption across marketplaces today is unprecedented, driven by forces such as technology innovations, climate change, geopolitical tensions, and most varied risk scenarios.
Companies, business units, and more importantly executive management need consistent, reliable, up-to-date, and curated market intelligence to craft efficient and effective actions to mitigate or exploit uncertainty.

To grow, leaders need to augment velocity and identify opportunities to develop their business as well as implement strategies that distinguish their organisation from the competition by:

  • gaining share in the right markets
  • acquiring and retaining the right customers
  • acquiring and retaining the top talent
  • deploying new technology ecosystems to bolster speed and efficiency
  • continuously improve performance, reduce operational frictions and sustain improvement
  • launching innovative products
  • expanding into new markets
  • making strategic acquisitions



Market Intelligence Beacon

MIB – Market Intelligence Beacon – helps leadership strengthen their business model, to be ready to grasp new growth opportunities as they arise. It is an integrated approach, a platform that aims at supporting leadership throughout the journey across market disruption and secure competitive positioning. Whether as a one-off analysis or as a monthly intelligence programme to subscribe,
MIB secures executives a set of unique insights and actionable recommendations.

Based around proprietary research programmes, and through the cross-fertilisation and validation of information and findings across the Deconstruct network,
MIB delivers actionable insights leveraging two main components:

Market Analysis. Based on a strong quantitative section, the Market Analysis gives executives data foundations around market sizing, evolutionary trends, and feasibility analysis to chase opportunities and manage risks.


Competitive Analysis. The competitive analysis delivers a structured profile of the marketplace or segment, positioning, and relative strengths of its key players. The team will monitor the occurrences and competitive actions that impact the market.


MIB Platform

The MIB Platform (MIB/P) aims at delivering to any Company, Business Unit, or specific Service Line and its management a structured market intelligence canvass, and an ongoing monitoring of the marketplace scenario – including competition, by sector and geography.

Based on the operational approach of MIB,
the MIB/P includes:

  • A detailed market and situational analysis on a quarterly basis
  • A monthly update focusing on those variables / market aspects that vary the most during the timeframe
  • Ad hoc alerts (Disruptive Event) when facing one-shot, unplanned competitive and/or market events (e.g. significant acquisitions, large contract wins)

MIB/P is divided into:

  • Market Analysis – information and recommendations are updated on a monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Competitive Analysis – a ‘near real-time’ Disruptive Event (DE) document – a red flag that calls for immediate competitive actions and ad-hoc revisions of market tactics and strategies.


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